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Discord will integrate with PS5 on March 8, 2023

In mid-2021, Discord and Sony announced a partnership, shortly after Microsoft's offer to acquire the service was made public. A year later a partnership with Xbox was made official, and while there was still no word on when it would come to PlayStation, that could change soon.

According to insider Tom Henderson, Discord will integrate with PS5 on March 8, 2023. He revealed this information shortly after a datamine appeared on Github, where files and lines of code referring to the voice chat functionality were posted. in console.

One line reads "You're now ready to join a call on your PS5. Use your headset and joystick," and another reads "spend time with your Discord friends while playing voice chat." There are several images as well that show that this feature is being prepared, and would be released soon.

This is very good news for PS5 players, who will be able to stay in touch with their friends and Discord communities while playing on the console. It should be noted that PS4 users will not have the same luck, since only the option to show what they are playing is mentioned, and there is no reference to accessing a voice chat.

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Discord will integrate with PS5 on March 8, 2023